Melting Pot Summer 2004


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Sterling silver, crystals, pearls, shell, carnelian, coral and glass beads
Sterling silver, shell, smoky quartz and black onyx
Sterling silver, shell, crystal, black onyx and rose quartz
Silk thread, shell, pearls, sterling silver and laboradite
Laboradite, pearl, shell, black onyx and silver
Gold, silver, carnelian, mother of pearl, shell, crystal, rose quartz and glass beads
Silver, carnelian, shell, crystal and pearl
Carnelian, gold and pearl
Gold and glass bead
Gold, moonstone and crystal
Gold, rose quartz, glass bead and antique pendant
Gold, pearl, and antique pendant
Sterling silver and shell
Gold and carnelian
Gold bead and glass pendant
Gold, pearl and antique pendant
Gold, crystal and pearl
Leather, sterling silver and citrine
Sterling silver, suede, and crystal
Sterling silver and shell
Gold, silk thread and purple quartz
Gold, silkr, turquioise, and glass bead
Gold, pearl and citrine
Gold, crystal and turquoise
Gold, smokey quartz and pearl
Gold and carnelian
Antiqued metal and crystal
Antique pendant, gold bead and pearl
Sterling silver, pearl and glass bead
Gold, gold bead and silk thread
Leather and Sterling silver
Silk thread, pearl and antique beads
Silver and crystal
Gold, crystal and pearl
Silver and amethyst / Antiqued metal, shell and crystal
Gold and smokey quartz / Antiqued metal, cherry quartz and crystal
Gold, carnelian and pearl / Sterling silver, crystal, turquoise and glass bead
Gold and glass bead / Sterling silver and rose quartz
Gold, pearl and crystal / Gold, pearl and crystal
Gold bead and glass bead / Silk cord and pearl
Gold, carnelian and crystal / Gold and pearl bead
Gold, turquoise and crystal / Gold and citrine
Gold and glass bead